You Can Allow The Change You Desire

What do I mean by that, you can allow change? Often we as humans can become so bogged down with life, so distracted by day to day things that we either lose focus and go off track. Or we are subjected to ‘Nay-Sayers’ who try to tell us that we cannot achieve that which we have set out to do. 

The latter can cause us to feel down in the dumps and beaten. With this comes a resistance inside us to our own positive change. What do you think might happen if this was to occur inside of you? We turn around and very quickly scurry back to our former state of being, here we might feel safe if not low in mood or too anxious to venture out. 

That said you will have denied yourself the experience of creating your desired state. How will you feel when you realise that you have returned to your former state? I guess you may feel defeated, you may blame others, you may feel you had false hope. The reality is though that you are responsible for your own change and personal transformation. 

It is you who is going to create this change into your life and it is you who will experience the feelings and thoughts of failure if you decide to turn around to your former state. 

What am I saying here? 

Well you have to allow change to happen if you want it to take place in your life! You have to be open to the change you desire, be willing to take whatever action steps are necessary to get you there. Be open to any opportunity so that you can recognise it when it presents itself to you. You have to be willing to access the support resources we have discussed previously. Resources such as setting goals or challenging your thoughts and taking action. 

Once you have accessed them you have to practice them daily, success cannot be guaranteed if you don’t. You have to take action in moving yourself forward each and every day (no matter how small that action maybe). If you know that there will be people who disapprove of what you are doing, don’t tell them until you are there and you have completed your journey. Do not allow them the chance of becoming the ‘Nay-Sayers’.

Do not hang on to the thought of the thing you desire, don’t become obsessed by your goal. Set an intention imagine it happening feel it and then let go. You could do this regularly.

When you do all of this you will find that you begin to allow change to happen and gradually you may begin to notice results….mood may lift, anxiety may lessen and you might even begin to feel more like the person you desire to be. 

How fast would these results have occurred had you not taken the necessary steps? I would think not very fast at all, assuming you started the journey in the first place! LET GO – ALLOW CHANGE TO HAPPEN!

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