Supporting our NHS

Our mental health practitioners have extensive experience working with the NHS Talking Therapies and secondary mental healthcare services.

Our service works alongside NICE evidence-based psychological therapies for mild, moderate, and complex mental health presentations. We incorporate the NHS Talking Therapies recommended stepped care model in a way of providing and monitoring care and treatment.

The stepped care model

The stepped care model is used by NHS Talking Therapies to make a clinical decision as to which sort of treatment is currently the most appropriate for the person they are assessing.


  • We offer Step Two (Low Intensity) therapy which works on a 6-session model.
  • We offer Step Three (High Intensity) therapy, which works on a 12-session model.

Getting Better Results: Improving Recovery

From the beginning of the stepped care pathway, we at Click Therapies strive to improve clinical outcomes to over 50% recovery. We have worked hard within the last 2 years, and we have continued to achieve above the national recovery target of 50% by NHS England and NICE.

Electronic Health Records System (EHR)

The IAPTus patient management system is the leading digital care record system for psychological therapy services, securely storing the records of over five million patients.  

Our IAPTus integrated Prism system, web forms, SMS reminders, and video platform supports the delivery of online care and administration.  

Clinical Case Management

Every case is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that treatment is on track. Our clinical caseload supervisors are experienced mental health professionals.


At Click Therapies we offer clinical and case supervision. This can be individual supervision or group supervision for private or corporate clients.

Our specialities

Our practitioners have a wide variety of experience and professional skills. Below is a list of evidence-based treatments that we incorporate into our practices.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapists (CBT)

Our team of CBT Therapists are experienced and accredited with the BABCP. Most of our CBT therapists have experience of working within the NHS, private & third sector and Military & Veterans Mental Health Services. They specialise in treating PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and many other comorbid conditions.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapists

EMDR is an advanced psychotherapy requiring a high level of skill.  Our team of EMDR therapists are experienced or accredited practitioners in the treatment of psychological trauma. However, EMDR is also effective for treating, depression, anxiety, addiction and many other comorbid conditions.

Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)

Our Cognitive Processing Therapists (CPT) use this specific type of cognitive behavioral therapy that has been effective in reducing symptoms of PTSD that have developed after experiencing a variety of traumatic events including child abuse, combat, rape, and natural disasters.


Our Counsellors are all BACP Registered or Accredited and work in accordance with the BACP ethical framework. We provide wellbeing counselling for psychological distress relating to stress, relationship issues and bereavement.

Registered nurses

We have registered nurses who deliver therapy as well as working with the team to improve clinical practice and delivery.


We have psychologists who offer CBT, Psychotherapy, or counselling. All are experienced and accredited with their professional bodies and can provide specialist assessment and evaluations.


We have access to a consultant psychiatrists who can provide specialist assessments and medico-legal reports as well as prescribing.

Occupational Therapist

Our registered occupational therapists (OTs) can provide specialist assessments and therapy to our clients.

Social Workers

Our registered Social Workers can provide specialist assessments, signposting, assistance with applications and carers support.

Our therapist selection process

The selection process allows us to check our therapists credentials and evaluate their experience.

Assessment process

Every therapist’s application is evaluated by our clinical team. Applicants undertake mandatory professional checks. We pride ourselves on a service that delivers a high standard of therapy to ensure that our therapists are driven and truly passionate.

Client feedback

Every applicant must provide examples of client feedback and good therapy practice.

Interview Process

Our clinical lead will interview every applicant to review their experience, previous work, and skills to gain a complete understanding of the applicant’s background in the field.