Our concept was founded and developed in the UK by specialist registered mental health nurses, Richard and Christopher.  Online (video) therapy is an innovative approach and is becoming increasingly popular in the delivery of psychological interventions.   

Our mission is to provide an online  psychological service that can be easily accessible, anytime anywhere. 

Our therapists



Christopher - MSc (Psych), BSc (RNMH), PGDip Clin (Hyp) & EMDR (Cons In Trg)

I am a UK qualified and registered clinician with:

  • Over 13 years clinical mental health experience.
  • Experience in NHS and Military mental health.
  • Specialise in military and complex trauma.
  • Experience in EMDR, CBT, CPT ,Trauma Focused treatment, Behavioural Activation and clinical hypnosis.
  • Speciality in military, complex trauma, addictions and most common psychiatric conditions.
  • Registered with British Psychological Society.
  • Psychiatric assessment and evaluation reports.
  • Occupational assessment and recommendations reports.
  • Mental Health Specialist Advisor with CQC.
  • Clinical supervisory support.


Richard - (RNMH), DipHE, Cert.Preparation of Mentors & EMDR Therapy

I am a UK qualified and registered clinician with:

  • Over 20 years clinical mental health experience.
  • Experience of working within both NHS and Military settings.
  • EMDR trained with 2 years experience of providing this trauma focused treatment.
  • Trained in providing Low Intensity CBT based interventions for mild-moderate common mental health problems.
  • Worked with IAPT services in the North West and North East on developing services for Veterans.


Bella - Pets As Therapy (PAT) dog and mascot

I have 3 years voluntary experience in a mental health and trauma setting.  My Pets As Therapy (PAT) approach helps to comfort anxious clients in session.  In fact, research found that pets can lower your levels of cortisol, anxiety and ease pain.   I enjoy being petted  and making clients feel safer in sessions. 

our associates


Nobhelu - MSc (Psych), Dip (CBT), BA (health), RN (RGN/MH) & EMDR Therapy

I am a UK qualified registered BABCP clinician and mental health nurse specialist with:

  • Over 15 years' experience working in a medical, mental health and wellbeing setting.
  • Experience of working within Military, NHS and private practice setting.
  • High Intensity CBT therapist.
  • CPT for trauma
  • EMDR Therapy.
  • Skills include psychological formulation and collaborative treatment plans specific to my clients needs.
  • Experience in counselling university and college students.
  • CBT Supervison.


Tamsin Cullen - PGDip, BSC (Hons) BACP (Accred) & EMDR Practitioner

I am a UK qualified and registered clinician with:

  • Over 16 years' experience in mental health
  • Over 10 years experience in Addictions
  • Experienced in private clinics, rehabs and hospitals both nationally and internationally
  • Experience working in conjunction with: hospitals, clinics, rehabs, community, offending (Police, National Probation Service, Prison Service) 
  • Integrative Therapeutic Counsellor drawing on multiple modalities such as, Person Centred, CBT, TA and psychodynamic approach
  • Qualified EMDR practitioner
  • Consultations, assessments, treatment planning, professionals workshops, debriefing, trauma processing and rehab consultations 
  • Individuals, couples, families and groups
  • Clinical supervision


Amos - MSc (CBT), BSc (RNMH), BSc (Psych), PG Cert (Clin Hyp) & Accred EMDR

  • Over 21 years' clinical experience as adult and mental health nurse  including 11 years as psychotherapist.
  • BABCP registered Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.
  • EMDR UK accredited EMDR practitioner.
  • BSCH accredited clinical hypnotherapist.
  • Experience in civilian and military mental health.
  • Extensive experience treating disorders from complex trauma, OCD and social anxiety to mild depression and anxiety.
  • CPT for trauma.
  • Provide CBT supervision.


Glen - BSc (Hons) (RNMH), PG Cert (CBT), Accred EMDR & Prescriber.

 I am a UK qualified and registered clinician with:

  • Over 15 years' clinical mental health experience.
  • Experience in NHS, Charity, Veterans and Military mental health.
  • Specialise in co-morbid cases including pain.
  • A Non medical prescriber with experience in EMDR, CBT, CPT, Mindfulnes, CFT,  MBCT Trauma Focused treatment, Behavioural Activation, Psychological therapies for pain and other therapies. 
  • Speciality in complex trauma
  • Registered with the BABCP.
  • Psychiatric assessment and evaluation reports.
  • Delivering training, teaching and supervision to individuals or groups.
  • Occupational assessment and recommendations reports.
  • Clinical supervisory, mentorship and governance support.


Maya -MBACP Accred, HCPC Regt, MA, PGDip, Dip, & EMDR practitioner

I am a UK qualified and registered psychotherapist with

  • Over 20 years’ experience as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist.
  • Experience of working within the NHS, the charity and university sectors as well as in private practice.
  • EMDR trained with 2 years’ experience of providing this form of therapeutic intervention.
  • Experience from mild to complex Psychotherapeutic interventions including CBT, DBT, Drama Therapy and Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy.
  • Clinical Supervision.


Stewart - BSc Hons (Psych), MSc (Psychological therapies), MBACP, MBPS.

I am a registered BACP therapist and currently completing a professional doctorate in counselling psychology.

  • I have experience working within the NHS, private and charitable sectors.   
  • Trained in providing psychological assessment, formulation and therapy.
  • I use an integrative therapeutic approach to meet the individual needs of service users and implementing different modalities i.e. CBT, humanistic and psychodynamic.
  • Extensive experience treating disorders such as: depression, anxiety, social phobia, OCD, eating disorders and panic attacks using evidence base practice.
  • Experience working with service users 1:1, couples and/or within a group setting.


Darren -DipHe (RNRM), BHSc Addiction Studies, EMDR Practitioner, CPT Trainee

I am a UK qualified and registered clinician with

  • Over 10 years’ clinical & military mental health experience.
  • Specialise in Motivational Interviewing, Complex Trauma, Behavioural Activation & Feeling State Addictions Protocol.
  • Extensive experience in Addiction Studies including; alcohol, gambling, Internet & hypersexual behaviours.
  • Trained to delivery low intensity CBT based interventions for mild and moderate common mental health problems.
  • CPT for trauma.
  • Psychiatric assessment and evaluation reports.


Therapist under evaluation


Therapist under evaluation