Overcome Your Battle Against Anxiety With Online Therapy

Feelings of anxiety are normal and we all experience levels of anxiety in our lives. However, if you feel as though you can’t seem to escape your fears and you’re in a state of worry all of the time, it’s likely that anxiety has taken control of your life.

Find out more about how we can help you overcome your anxiety.


What is anxiety?

An anxiety disorder is a medical condition that interferes with your life. It can make it difficult for you to handle your job or school responsibilities, do daily tasks, concentrate, and establish and maintain personal relationships. It might even make it difficult for you to leave your home or get out of bed.

Are anxiety disorders common?
Yes, there are many common anxiety disorders such as the following:
  • panic disorder: experiencing recurring panic attacks at unexpected times. A person with panic disorder may live in fear of the next panic attack.
  • phobia: excessive fear of a specific object, situation, or activity
  • social anxiety disorder: extreme fear of being judged by others in social situations
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder: recurring irrational thoughts that lead you to perform specific, repeated behaviors
  • separation anxiety disorder: fear of being away from home or loved ones
  • illness anxiety disorder: anxiety about your health (formerly called hypochondria)
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): anxiety following a traumatic event
Is anxiety treatable?

Absolutely, talking with a therapist or psychologist can help you learn tools to use and strategies to cope with anxiety when it occurs.

Is anxiety life threatening?

Untreated anxiety can increase your risk of more severe, even life-threatening conditions such as, depression, suicidal thoughts and even physical illnesses due to chronic stress. It’s important to seek professional help in order to manage and prevent more severe feelings of anxiety.

Can I suffer from multiple anxiety disorders?

The answer is yes, One thing that is clear is that anxiety disorders can present themselves in many different ways. Panic disorder is different from generalised anxiety disorder, which is different from social anxiety disorder and so on. So even though these disorders are all referred to as “anxiety,” they are different disorders each with their own set of symptoms (sometimes the symptoms overlap).

How long should I use your services?

This really depends on the severity of your mental health. However, we recommend our clients meet with their therapist for a minimum of six sessions in order to uncover some of the valuable lessons and teachings that you can begin to use in your day to day life that will help you to deal with your mental health for the rest of your life.

Can I choose my own therapist?
Of course! You get to choose your therapist at the time of booking, and if you decide that you would like to change at any point, you can simply switch to a new therapist whenever you choose.
Does online therapy really work?

Absolutely! There are a wide selection of studies that prove online therapy is just as effective, if not more effective, than traditional face-to-face therapy. Our therapy provides you with the information, tools and guidance that you need to overcome your problems, with the help of your therapist.

How do I speak to my therapist?

You will communicate with your therapist via a secure, encrypted, online video call. The software we use is called Zoom which is really simple and easy to use. If at any point you would like to speak to somebody, you can contact us through our website and we’ll be on hand ASAP.

Is my information secured & confidential?

Yes! All of the information you provide is saved anonymously on our secure system that has been approved by the National Care Guidelines. Only you and your therapist will know what has been discussed. If you would like any information to be deleted or kept “off-record” simply let your therapist know and they’ll ensure everything is deleted straight away.