Brief Relapse Prevention Tool


1. What was the trigger?

It will help you to identify your triggers so that you can look to remove these from your life.

2. How were you feeling just before you felt like drinking

Challenging  unhelpful thinking styles is useful in changing you mind on making unhelpful or potentially harmful.

4. What did you do?

Could you have done anything differently? If so what would it have been?

5. Which thoughts led to which addictive feelings and behaviours?

Now you have identified them you can look at how helpful or harmful those thoughts would be if you put them into practice

7. What could you have told yourself?

Looking at your thought diary and evidence record sheet what would be a more helpful way of looking at this?

10. How do you feel now ?

Check in and re-evaluate your thoughts and feelings. How does this make you feel now that you have considered the trigger?