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Are you a Therapist?

Are you looking to expand your practice? Perhaps you're having difficulty getting clients for your practice. We at Click Therapies invite you to join our community. We are currently looking to take on new therapists for online video therapy. Perhaps you want to develop you clinical or CBT supervision practice...we are also seeking your skills.

Click Therpaies offer clients a real choice. In the past clients were expected to attend their sessions in therapy rooms which may be inconveniently located for them. Now with the advent of online therapy clients can experience more convenience and flexibility in approach. This is particularly true for clients living in remote locations where services may be hard to access.

So if you want to have a part time practice where you will be your own self emlpoyed boss, why not sign up as a therapist today. To sign up you will be required to offer CBT as a CBT therapist with BABCP accreditation; or, EMDR therapy as an accredited practitioner. You will also need to show evidence of your qualifications as well as personal indemnity insurance with remote working clause.

If you would like to know more simply contact us at

Click Therapies - Online Therapy

Click Therapies - Online Therapy